Basic Features of Free Web hosting

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2 min readMar 4, 2021

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Searching for a free solution of web hosting is a vital decision and it is a challenge to identify reliable hosting there are so many service providers and options available in the market. A good free web hosting provider has some common features that are:

Disk Space

Hosting providers will give you a certain amount of storage space that is referred to as Disk Space. This space will be used to store your files including images videos, text, audio, etc. If your website will require more space if contains a lot of graphics. For Instance, if your website has a lot of graphics then you will require more storage.

Website creator

If this is your first experience with the website and you don’t skilled to create your own website, then searching free service hosting providers that offer free applications to where you can create you create a website simply by selecting a template and add your own content and images. It will make the procedure of making the website easier.

Allow more Traffic

Traffic is associated with a bandwidth of web hosting the incoming traffic of visitors needs access. Through greater storage space, users will access your website instantly after typing the web address in the browser.

Support and Uptime Guarantee

When you are searching for web hosting services, you should always choose to host a service with free, email, and telephone support. No host can offer a 100% uptime guarantee because it’s not possible due to uncontrolled problems. But it should offer minimal measures, these measures may include 24/7 server and network monitoring, hardware configurations, and onsite backup power supply. When you buy hosting you can ask for these features.


The Benefit of using free web hosting is that you have nothing to pay for using any basic features. You should not have to compromise the price of hosting features with banner ads. Hosting providers offering free hosting solutions and force ads on your websites are not considered.



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