List of Domains Name Sales in 2021 with 1 Million Dollar

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3 min readApr 22, 2022


DN Journal tracks vindicated public sphere name deals. While utmost big-ticket sphere deals are no way bared due to non-disclosure agreements, the rest are in DN Journal’s maps.

Back in 2020, a sphere that ended for$ or further would land in the top 10 on the map. How times have changed. In 2021, that number shot up to a whopping.

And back in 2020, a sphere had to vend for$ to make the Top 100 map in 2020. Last time that number was$, showing the depth of the sphere deals smash.

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Let’s take a look at the map- beating deals of 2021.

10 Domain names sales for $ 1 million or further and were made public:– Color Art LLC, a print, marketing and logistics service provider, bought this sphere to host the company’s ordering portal technology. Right now, it resolves to a “coming soon” page.– Christmas is time-round for some companies. One of those companies is Gordon Companies in New York. The company significances, wholesales, and retails Christmas wares similar to beautifiers, lights, and wreaths. It acquired this sphere under a four-time payment plan but paid it off early. — Forge helps people trade equities in private companies. It is on the sphere to its earlier sphere name,– Transnational consulting mammoth Accenture opened its portmanteau for this sphere. It doesn’t use the globe, but it presumably stands for Accenture (commodity) Services. Maybe fiscal?– Cryptocurrency investors are awash in cash. These investors have acquired many disciplines, including, a bitcoin and crypto portmanteau.– NFT- related sphere names flew off the shelves last time, so it makes sense that the most precious NFT sphere made the maps. As of January 2022, the sphere resolves to a coming soon runner.– Insurance Company Hippo upgraded its sphere from My to in 2019; the trade was completed much latterly. It was included in an SEC form in 2021. It’s possible that the company had a parcel-to-own or parcel with an option to buy the domain.– is used for Little differently is known about the buyer.– Angel Studios is a crowdsourced moviemaking point. For illustration, it raised$ 5 million for an animated Television series called The Wing feather Saga and$ 1 million for a Television series called Freelancers. It crowdfunded a$ 5 million round of backing for its own company, which gave it the plutocrat to spend$ 2 million on a domain.– Sphere investors pay overhead of$, and occasionally over$, for two-letter. Com disciplines. When an end- stoner comes along to acquire one, it can frequently vend for further. That’s the case with Iron Source, an app development platform, picked up this short domain name.

Further in store for 2022? There’s a new standard for top deals, and it’ll be delightful to see if 2022 can eclipse 2021. Formerly, there were signs that big sales were continuing. DN Journal reports that vended for$, marking the first entry into the seven-figure club this time.

Hold on to your head dresses. It’s going to be another hectic time!



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